1. Hotel Capitelli Trieste
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Address: Via Trauner 1 - 34121 Trieste

The Hotel Capitelli is placed in the colorful historical center beside the famous Arch of Riccardo, a fascinating historical area of the ancient Trieste with particular constructions and alleys. The Roman Theatre, the Basilica, the Castle of San Giusto and the shops / services are just a few steps away. It's also located next to...

Hotel Capitelli Trieste # Details

Porta Cavana

  1. Hotel Porta Cavana Trieste
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Address: Via Felice Venezian, 14 - 34124 Trieste

Hotel Porta Cavana Trieste # Details


  1. Hotel Istria Trieste
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Address: Via Timeus, 5 - 34125 Trieste

The Hotel Istria is the ideal destination for those wishing to reconcile a pleasant stay with a good value for money service, a combination we are very keen to offer to all our customers and a promise we keep to day by day. The hotel has been recently renovated and is now made up of 22...

Hotel Istria Trieste # Details

Al Ristoro

  1. Hotel Al Ristoro Trieste

Address: Via Malaspina, 2 - 34147 Trieste

Alabarda Flora Dipendenza

  1. Hotel Alabarda Flora Dipendenza Trieste

Address: Via Valdirivo, 22 - 34132 Trieste

Special prices at week­ends. Special prices in restaurants, at traditional buffets and in typical "osmize". Discounts in historical coffee bars, shops, theatres, discos and pubs and guided tours in every language.


  1. Hotel Brioni Trieste

Address: Via Ginnastica, 2 - 34125 Trieste


  1. Hotel Gianni Trieste

Address: Via Lazzaretto Vecchio, 22 - Trieste

Quite boarding house with a family likeness on the first floor of a mansion. Gianni boarding house is only a few steps away from the sea and five minutes from the centre of Trieste ( Piazza Unità d’Italia). Ideal place for students, workers on transfer and tourists, who desire to stay in Trieste in a cheap...


  1. Hotel Marina Trieste

Address: Via Galatti, 14 - 34132 Trieste


  1. Hotel Mignon Trieste

Address: Via Junker, 12 - 34014 Trieste

Porta Cavana Dipendenza 1

  1. Hotel Porta Cavana Dipendenza 1 Trieste

Address: Via San Michele, 9 - 34124 Trieste

Porta Cavana Dipendenza 2

  1. Hotel Porta Cavana Dipendenza 2 Trieste

Address: Via Diaz, 10 - 34124 Trieste

Villa Nazareth

  1. Hotel Villa Nazareth Trieste

Address: Via Dell'istria, 69 - 34143 Trieste

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