Apartments Al Granza

Residence Apartments Al Granza Trieste

Address: Piazza Venezia 6/7 - 34123 Trieste

Situated in a neoclassical palace which was built in 1826 by V.Valle. The ‘Residence Al Granzo’ opens onto Piazza Veneizia, which is in the cultural heart of the city and close to the Congress Centre and Piazza Unità d’Italia. The Residence al Granzo offers a friendly atmosphere and comfortable apartments to all its guests with fully...

Apartments Al Teatro Studios

Residence Apartments Al Teatro Studios Trieste

Address: Via Capo di Piazza Bartoli, 1 - 34100 Trieste

Apartments Corte Vecellio

Residence Apartments Corte Vecellio Trieste

Address: Via Vecellio, 6 - 34100 Trieste

Apartments Dei Serravallo

Residence Apartments Dei Serravallo Trieste

Address: Via del Cerreto, 18 - 34136 Trieste

Apartments Del Mare

Residence Apartments Del Mare Trieste

Address: Via Madonna del Mare, 4 - 34100 Trieste

The charm of living in an historical renewed building in centre town. The advantages of multimedia services in each apartment.

Apartments L Angolo Dei Ciliegi

Residence Apartments L Angolo Dei Ciliegi Trieste

Address: Strada per Vienna, 76 - Trieste

Apartments Liberty

Residence Apartments Liberty Trieste

Address: Via Diaz, 14 - 34100 Trieste

Apartments Politeama Rossetti

Residence Apartments Politeama Rossetti Trieste

Address: Via Coroneo , 6 - Trieste

Apartments San Marco

Residence Apartments San Marco Trieste

Address: Via C Battisti, 18 - 34100 Trieste

Apartments Sara

Residence Apartments Sara Trieste

Address: Via dei Cavazzeni, 5 34121 – Trieste

The Residence Sara is situated in the old town centre, which is the most ancient area of Trieste. The hosting building was constructed in the mid 1700 and renovated recently thanks to urban regeneration of the whole area. It is located fifty metres from Piazza Unitá d’Italia, about the same distance from the promenade and a...

Apartments Theresia

Residence Apartments Theresia Trieste

Address: Via Trento, 12 - 34100 Trieste

Apartments Vivere Astra

Residence Apartments Vivere Astra Trieste

Address: Udine, 85/1 - 34100 Trieste

In Trieste, close to the promenade of Barcola, near the centre and the railway station, a new way to enjoy your stay in town, for business, study, work, culture or fun. You can rent, even for few days fully funrnished apartments, with all facilities The residence is placed in the heart of a...

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