1. Hotel Continentale Trieste
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The Hotel Continentale allows you to relax in a comfortable and well­appointed setting. It has been completely restored, becoming again a point of reference and a meeting place for the city, while in the past it was the preferred residency by several personalities of the last century, among them James Joyce. The main feature of the hotel location is its being in a midway between the lively downtown Trieste, where you can find historical cafés and renowned wine bars, and the calm pedestrian walkway in Via San Nicolò, actually where the Hotel is.
Via San Nicolo, 25 - 34121 Trieste (ts)
(+39) 040 63 17 17
(+39) 040 36 88 16


Via San Nicolo, 25 - 34121 Trieste (ts)

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